The government ought to do something to arrest the continued price hike on basic commodities although it is accepted that there is that freedom of free trade market in the region. Prices of such commodities which are essential and popularly used in every household should not be let to be determined by traders at will even when there is no cause. Key players and even the government have been pleading with traders to be reasonable and consider the plight of the common-man but to no avail. Their warnings and demand have been ignored. It was understandable when the rate of dollar was abnormally high. But since the drop in the rate where local currency has gained strength against the USD. To save the larger population steps are needed to be taken and may be operationalized to sensitize traders in different parts of the country for them to understand the effects of the high prices and how it was affecting the citizens.Some traders are fond of creating artificial shortage on the shelves to justify the price hike. This is very common and what could be done is an impromptu check to find who was cheating and for what reason(s). There must be records at each entry point that could assist the authorities to know what had been brought in the country and by who. Cheating to make more profit at the expense of the public should be discouraged at all cost and stamped out to bring order and discipline among traders, some who have been exploiting consumers with unimaginable prices of goods. It would be appropriate that those found to be at the centre of exploitation be punished thoroughly to serve as an example to others. The authorities have the right to protect the citizens even if the free market trade rules are applied.

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