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Gov,t recognizes civil society network activities in Jonglei

By Deng Ghai Deng

ReliefRehabilitation Commission in Jonglei State has recognized the activities of Civil society and the new leadership of Jonglei Civil Society Network.

Majok Guech Tuor, the RRC Chairman in Jonglei State authorized the new leadership to go on with their work.

“We have written a letter to announce that the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Jonglei State has recognized the new leadership of the Jonglei Civil Society Network. We sat down with the commission and examined the case and we found that the new elected leaders are the legitimate ones—so we gave them a go-ahead,” Tuor said

He added that at least 43 member organizations of the Jonglei Civil Society Network held a General Assembly meeting last month and elected Bol Deng Bol to replace David Garang Goch. But the former Chairman refused to relinquish power saying the elections were illegal.

He revealed that the new Chairman of Jonglei Civil Society Network welcomed the RRC letter saying it was long overdue.

“We are happy with the letter from the RRC office; we have been waiting for that letter. And not we, the Attorney General in Jonglei needs it to confirm our legitimacy.”  Bol said

Meanwhile, David GarangGoch, the former Chairman of Jonglei Civil Society Network rubbishes the RRC letter saying RRC as the government institution has no mandate to regulate the management of an independent Nongovernmental organization.

“RRC is a government institution and shouldn’t interfere with the NGO management. That letter is interference and I don’t recognize it.” Garang said.

Garang urges the RRC to stay away from the Jonglei Civil Society Network’s crisis saying the case is already being addressed by the Court of law.

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