Gov’t protests arrest of South Sudanese in Kenya

By Morris Dogga

The Government said it was dismayed by the brutal act of some Kenyan police officers in arresting and detaining South Sudanese living in Kenya.

The South Sudan governmen

Lily Albino Akol, Deputy Minister of Information (L) and the Minister of Interior, Michael Chiengjiek Geay (R) addresses the press on Wednesday (Photo by Morris Dogga):

t urged the Kenyan government to take serious actions against the perpetrators of the brutal operation.

Michael Chiengjiek Geay, the Minister of Interior said on Wednesday in a joint press conference with the deputy Minister of Information, Lily Albino Akol that South Sudanese do not deserve such treatments especially in East African Community member countries like Kenya.

“As members of the East African Community we don’t expect that treatment from our Kenyan brothers because if they want to do inspections or to crack down on illegal migrants it should be inconformity with the international laws,” Minister Chiengjiek said.

In the last four days there have been reports of arrest of illegal migrants from South Sudan living in Kenya following an order by the Kenyan Interior Ministry to crackdown on illegal migrants and foreign workers without permits in Kenya.

Reports indicated that more than 200 South Sudanese have been arrested in some major towns in Kenya including Nyeri, Nakuru and Nairobi.

Minister Chiengjiek said the Kenyan government has the right to implement their policies but should do it according to the laws.

“If there is anything of that kind we should be notified. We ask the Kenyan Government to look into the behaviour of the police and everything should be done according to the law,” he added.

The Interior Minister however stated that the government through the Embassy in Nairobi and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was engaging with the Kenyan government to secure the release of those who have been arrested.

He revealed that the Foreign Affairs Ministry had received a letter from the Kenyan government assuring that the issue would be solved.

Chiengjiek further urged all foreigners living in the country not to panic assuring that nothing would happen to them.

On her part, the Deputy Minister of Information Lily Albino Akol said most of the people arrested were released following the intervention by the south Sudanese Embassy in Nairobi.

“Our embassy in Kenya has been given full access to the entire detention centres and they have released a good number of people,” she said.



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