Gov’t pledges to end early child marriage

By: Sheila Ponnie

The national Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare said the government was committed to ending early child marriage in the country.

Jema Nunu Kumba said children’s right is an obligation for everyone, adding it was time to look back and reflect on how much has been achieved in the field of child protection, how much difference has it made on the lives of the children.

She was speaking during the commemoration of the world child day held at Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba yesterday.

“The ministry intends to improve policy and legal framework environment to protect children and promote girl child rights, empowerment of both boys and girls with correct information, skills and networks to enable them recognize child marriage and early pregnancy and violations of their rights.

The United Nations International Children’s Education Fund, UNICEF Representative Mohamed AJ Ayoya urged everyone to commit to children in South Sudan.

“Children should be put first in every day’s life and not only during a celebration like this,” he said.

A press release issued by UNICEF on the 18th November, it focused on undeniable achievements of the past three decades globally that proofs that where there is political will and determination, children’s lives will be improved.

Executive Director Henietta Fore for UNICEF said there have been impressive gain for children over the past three decades as more and more are living longer, better and healthier lives.

Fore however, said the odds continue to be stacked against the poorest and most vulnerable.

Anthony Doggale, a hearing impaired child of primary eight in Buluk B Primary school said that the World children’s Day is important to the help of her translator.  

“This day is important to me because it gives awareness to many people that the children are very important, they are the future and they need to be brought up physically and mentally so that when they grow up they will be the leaders,” he said.

Esther Lokuji John is also another hearing impaired child from Buluk B Primary School. She said she grew up not going to school but few years ago she was put into school through an educational awareness.

“This day is very vital, it is not easy for hearing impaired children like us to go to school in most cases they are denied the right to education but I congratulate the organizers of the program because it has given me the chance to speak out,” John said.

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