Gov’t plans to fasten health emergency response

By Martha David

The Ministry of Health in partnership with the World Health Organization is developing a national plan of action for health security in the country.

In a five-day workshop that started yesterday in Juba, health partners aim to build the capacity of the health workers in the country to be able to respond to emergencies.

Speaking at the event, the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Makur Koriom said the country is under threat of diseases that needs to be secured by trained health workers.

“This plan has come in the time where the country is recovering from war and we are trying to be in a system that is sustainable so that we can be able to respond to outbreaks of diseases,” Makur said.

He appealed to the health partners such as world health organization to act fast to strengthen the health care system and “make us feel secure and contribute to the health security in the region.”

Meanwhile the Director-General in the Ministry of Health Thun Loi said the government will develop a plan for the whole country to be implemented by the various line ministries.

“It is an important plan for us as a new country to build our capacities and join the lead of nations that are capable and able to deal with health issues internationally, Loi said.

Loi stated that since the country’s health sector has the worst health indicators, such as the highest maternal mortality rate and the lowest immunization percentage, there was a reason to worry about the health sector.

Speaking on the same occasion, the Acting Representative of WHO and team leader for emergency, Argata Gurach said WHO will ensure the plan covers response strategy for any emergency outbreak.

Gurach said to end health hazards; response plans needed support from partners.

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