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Gov’t plans digitalization development programs

By Emelda Siama John

National Revenue Authority is looking for a strategic plan of the digitalization for development programs.

According to Africano Mande,the Deputy Commissioner General, National Revenue Authority (NRA) said on Tuesday that for the last one year, the government had graphed the digitalization and NRA had seen quite a number of actors coming to interact with them while some of the messages were not coordinated.

“So am quite grateful that the European union step forward and for the first time bringing us together, I believe that the European union would be able to extend these kinds of interoperability with some of the big partners outside so that all the partners should be talking one language, and then help us within the government establishing,” said Mande.

He stated that he was hoping for the government to continue to engage in order to be able to move the digital system of this country to the next level, starting with the national revenue authority.

He stressed that they had been looking for the illegal framework of the process of digitalizing on which the government could crave on the plan and support.

The Deputy Commissioner General said that in 2012 the then ministry of telecommunication social services also gave the policy of framework at sub-session 6 and sub-session 3 which worked together with 9.1.

He revealed that there were series of recommendations by the exiting government committee. For example economic crisis management committee, the economic classical committee. A series of recommendation were passed which found expression in resolution for the council of ministers for the government institution to immediately undertake digitalization so that we were able to meet the target negated on the system, for example the government resolution number 30/ 2020, number 31/2020, number 32/2020, number 23/2020, on economic and the resources specifically were about digitalization.

“For us in the national revenue authority that an important framework, that’s an important legal bases that we had to hanker our operation, so there are sequence med-serial orders the ministry of ICT, like med-serial number 02/2021, and also there’s med-serial number 15/2021, from the ministry of trade,” he added.

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