Gov’t officials sensitized on Arms Trade Treaty

By: Nema Juma

Senior organized forces are undergoing a two day sensitizing workshop on Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Juba.

The treaty aimed at regulating the international trade in conventional ammunition and small arms survival hoods.

Speaking at the event yesterday, Brig. General Christopher Simon Fataki the Director of Institutional Development and Capacity Building–Regional Center on Small Arms (RECSA) said the unregulated spread of arms and ammunition was destabilizing peace and global security.

He said international and regional effort in the recent years have targeted the illicit trade in weapons and related materials as one of the most doubting challenges to security at all levels.

“Further analysis to global trade in the Arms, trade show that significant amounts of weapon that are smuggled in black market have entered the global trade through legal channel just to be legally diverted at the later stage from intended to unauthorized users,” Fataki said.

Brig. General Fataki reiterated that despite challenges they need to ratify rock sea to entity its compelling.

He said it would constitute the major contribution to tackling the undesirable and irresponsible transfer of arms ammunition that tends to undermine regional peace and security.

“So without ratifying or exceeding to the entity guards and witnesses will only remain in regulatory frame work allowing significant framework amount of arms and ammunition to be traded in the black market and to be supplied to the countries and non-state actors in areas where they will contribute to instability and conflict,” he stressed.

Brig. Gen Fataki said South Sudan should be part of the regional and international community in the fight against flow of illicit trade in weapons and ammunitions.

Riaw Gatliel, Deputy Minister of Interior said the treaty was very important for a country like South Sudan since conventional arms were mostly in the hands of civil population.

He said if ratified the treaty would help the country in reducing the number of arms from the hands of the civil population.

“So after the formation of the new government we will also be able to disarm our civil population for the security of our citizens,” Riaw said. 

The two day national sensitization workshop on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) accession is being conducted by Community Security on Small Arm Control, Regional Center on small Arms and Trade Treaty Secretariat. 

Senior officials pose for a group photo during the National Sensitization Workshop for South Sudan Executive on the Arms Trade Treaty Accession in Juba (Photo: Jok Solomon) 

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