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Gov’t, NGOs urged to support persons with disability through ICT training.

By Lodu William Odiya

The Central Equatoria State Union of people with disabilities has urged Government and Non-governmental organizations to support persons with disability by providing them with training of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The Vice Chairperson for the Central Equatoria Union of people with disability, Mr. Emmanuel Obwona Nicholas, on Saturday told Juba Monitor that equipping the disabled persons with computer knowledge is essential for improvement of skills.

“Not because we don’t want them to give us money, they have to train us in computer so that we could be somebody. This training would make us look for money by ourselves, for example when you open your small business like sending songs and also training other people,” he said.

He further added that the knowledge of internet usage would make them learn new things and also inform them on current affairs.

Nicholas revealed that the people with disabilities were always denied to register for education scholarships.

“For us we have a lot of difficulties in education, there are scholarships every year, but they don’t accept the people with disabilities. They say what will you do and they throw your application down and they take their own people,” he said.

He urged the communities to bring out the people with disabilities to come together and exercise their rights.

“Bring the person with disability out to be train and know his rights, not just to be kept in the house without doing anything,” he said.

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