By Ngor Khot Garang [Guest]

Odongo Odoyo

The Kenyan government is here with their port which said to have a good economic potential for the two countries if it is used well. The facility was geared to provide shorter passage from Mombasa to Juba. Mombasa is the current gateway that is current used to import goods from the international market. The port of Lamu is part of regional infrastructure and transport corridor projects known as the Lamu Port-South Sudan- Ethiopia transport corridor initiated by Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia to facilitate trade, promote regional economic integration and interconnectivity between the partner states. The project was initially conceived in 1975 but never took off due to various reasons. The project was later revived and included in Kenya vision 2030. The LAPSSET Corridor Project is the first single integrative infrastructure Project the Government has initiated and prepared under Vision 2030 Strategy Framework without external assistance. The project endeavors to deliver a Just and Prosperous middle-income Kenya by the year 2030. Without external assistance, this is very interesting. Africa should provide African solutions by Africans. The port will brighten the future of Kenya and the two states that are involved but what is not easy to understand is where South Sudan would be in the next coming years after years of being given the chance to use the port as a gateway to economic recovery. Now the picture is clearly drawn and standing in front is Kenya, followed by Ethiopia with a big spoon and South Sudan behind with a walking stick. The point that is very crucial to note here is that we cannot pretend to be sick to dodge the responsibilities that await each one of us when we are still able to do them. The Lamu project is now done and the three countries are asked to start the race to a better future. I know there are many challenges that are facing South Sudan now but acting like we don’t have the solutions will never bring the needed solutions to our problems. The government must be kind enough this time and try another way out in order to salvage the economy of the country. The government and business community can start importing their goods through the facility at a lesser cost and promotion of thirty days of free shortage.

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