Who is in charge of foreign or outside learning that over 400 academic documents including certificates, diplomas and degrees can be proved to be fake or ill-gotten through some unorthodox means. How many more are in use or circulation. It is even grotesque that these documents are being used by some senior public officers to hold onto their positions. More intrigue is that the papers are purported to have been received or awarded by well-known and respected institutions in the country and across the border within the East Africa region. Reported cases of academic papers being forged within and outside the country are not new there have been hue and cry over the same more so from the youth whose chances of holding higher positions in the government are nil due to education or academic malpractices. Fresh graduates armed with genuine papers are facing road-blocks from the fake documents acquired through back doors with the help of some senior public officers who support the practice by financing the demand. While these need to be investigated nothing so far has been done and the names that are commonly being mentioned are those in Uganda, Kenya and even the country’s main higher learning institutions. The countries being mentioned have their diplomatic missions in the country and should be able to authenticate if true or not students registered in their institutions to pursue further education. It is healthy to pursue further education but it is wrong to fake your way to acquiring illegal and fake documents for that purpose. The ministries and dockets responsible for higher learning in and outside the country should ensure that there are no cheating or shortcut to awarding of fake and illegal documents in the name of education. Those doing so are doing a lot of damages not to themselves but to the whole country because at the end of it all, they will be unable to deliver services required of them.

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