It goes without doubt that education is what South Sudan needs. For this country to wipe its tears and smile again after years of disappointment, it would be a matter of life and death but informed citizens, through education can make it a reality.  In a country where eight in every 10 urban dwellers are unemployed, I do understand why citizens coalesced to call attention to this problem. This is not to say that the other issues they need are of no importance too, but it may be just that when one is hungry; all other needs are pushed to the back burner. The government must send its young ones to school and ensure that they are employed when they return from school. It is only through the implementation of these types of reforms that South Sudanese will see an increase in the jobs they need to thrive. It goes without saying that a good education is what South Sudanese need to get better quality jobs, or better still, drive the economy as business leaders. This week, some of South Sudanese who were admitted at one of the universities in Ethiopia were asking the government to give them air tickets to go back to Ethiopia to start their classes. The ministry which was in a position to hear their crisis was just looking at them without answers. This is very harmful to the future of this country. The students deserve the right to study here but home does not have the right education. It would be very unfortunate for the government to play seek and hide games with these students. We all need to imagine the future and see what it has in store for each one of us, of course, a better future must come with a productive citizen.

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