Gov’t, JICA share ideas to develop the country

By Atimaku Joan

The Government and Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA), had a five-day workshop which aimed for the two countries to share experiences to achieve the development of South Sudan’s capacity in disasters management.

Japan  is a country that had gone through alot fo disasters experiences, especially during the ‘2nd  world war’ when they were hit by the atomic bomb. With these challenges that Japan went through, and currently the country was developed, that means  South Sudan would develope and get to that level of catastrophic countermeasures preparedness.

While addressing the media yesterday, the Director General in the Ministry of Peace Building of Central Equatoria, Leone Lemeri George, said that the purpose of the workshop was to collect and analyze information necesesary for the formulation of specific projects in the field of local governance, particularly contributing to the reconstruction of communities, societies and the building of trust between the government and communities in order to support the progress of the peace process and the consolidation of peace in the country.

“This workshop is a platform for sharing experience between Japan and South Sudan and this gives as an imput to whether we are running our system nicely or there are mistakes, based on this, we shall identify exactly what we need to incorporate from the Japanese system in to our system so that we can rebuild our sociaty and the community in a better service delivery way like Japan has done, we have the issues of peace and governance while we believe that building peace is through good governance, service delivery and good development,” said George.

He said that South Sudan would be able to benefit from the seminar if the shared ideas are put into practice,then it would be easier to find solutions to some of the problems within.

However, Yamanaka Yoshifumi, representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), stated that the Japanese and South Sudanese Government may be different, but South Sudan may be able to learn from Japanese government.

“Japanese Governance system and the South Sudanese Governace system may be different from each other, but maybe we can pickup some tips on how to deliver good social services and how to suport,” said Yoshifumi.

He revealed that JICA would like to support the local government in capacity development program, Peace building  and examines how experiences and lessons could be applied by strengthening the functions of local governments and communities in South Sudan.

The country had been proceeding with reconstruction and development since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 and independence in July 2011.

The peace process was proceeding under the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) signed in September 2018, and the restructuring and reconstruction of the local government system which is consisting of 10 states.

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