Gov’t, IOM launches policy on diaspora engagement

By Bida Elly David

Government and the International Organisation for Migration (IoM) have launched a policy research report on remittance and diaspora engagement in South Sudan with focus on the South Sudanese Community in Australia.

Speaking during the event yesterday,the IOM Chief of Mission to South Sudan Peter Van Der Auwereart said that before South Sudan emerged as a new country of its own and after the independence, many South Sudanese in diaspora had made different efforts to extend their financial support inform of cash flow to the Country especially those ones living in Australia.

“Before South Sudan emerged as a new Country and after the independence, the diaspora has contributed in number of different ways especially extension of hands through financial contributions to boost the Countries economy,’’saidAuwereart

He pointed out that financial contribution extended from diaspora through cash flow helped the people improve their standard of living as well as boost economic development.

According to Dr.Anna Ferro, who made the findings report, South Sudan receives remittances mostly from distant places such as Europe, Australia, Canada and United states.

Furthermore, she reiterated that the survey in Australia confirmed that 75% of remittance was affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

‘’Findings show that 75% of remittance has been affected due to the pandemic, and South Sudanese in Australia are considered active contributors towards economic development back home in particular, the young diasporas who perform regular fundraisingfor community projects’’ She added.

She finally urged Bank of South Sudan in conjunction with foreign ministry to improve the methods of money remittance through introduction of financial transfers gadgets.

However, Ruben Marial Benjamin, the director of postal services  in the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation appreciated IoM for having carried the research about the state through which diaspora contribute financially towards economic growth of the Country.

‘’I appreciate IoM for having carried the research in order to determine how much South Sudanese in diaspora contribute financially towards the Country. IoM has been independent right from the stage through which South Sudan separated from the Sudan,” he added

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