Gov’t institutions to get legal Counselors -official

The new undersecretary in the Ministry of Justice has pledged to provide legal Counselors to all government institutions to give legal advice so that rule of law prevails in the country.

Speaking to the press shortly after being sworn before President Salva Kiir at the Presidential Palace (J1), James Mayen Oka said his first priority is to ensure that the rule of Law prevails.

“We will be doing our level best to see that the Rule of Law must prevail,” he said.

Oka said as the work of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affaires is based on the Laws and that the ministry is the legal adviser of the government.

“All the institutions of the government must be provided with the legal counselors in order to provide them with the legal advice,” he said.

The Undersecretary said the same case will be applied to the newly created states in the country, “they are to be provided with legal counselors to the lowest level of the government.”

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