Gov’t imposes SSP 6,000 fine for failing to wear facemask

By James Atem Kuir

Individuals flouting social distancing and facemask wearing rules in public will be penalized with lump sum fine of  up to 6,000 South Sudanese Pounds according to the National Taskforce new stringent measures.

In an order signed by Vice President Hussein AbdekbagiAkolAyii, the Chairman of the National Taskforce on Covid-19, publicand private entities as well as individuals will face specified hefty finesfor compromising with Covid-19 and public health protocols and lockdown measures.

The order which took effect early this week, alsostipulated that individuals who violate the measures for a second time will be handed a double fine amounting to 12000 SSP and court prosecution for offendingfor the third time.

Individuals will also be charged 16,000 SSP and 32,000 SSPif they fail to take test for Covid-19 or refuse to isolate or quarantine in designated centers respectively when requested by concerned authorities.

Movementon foot or in a vehicle beyond curfew time and attending or holding mass gatherings such as weddings, birthday parties, funerals, workshops, seminars among others are also prohibited and offenders face up to 7800 SSP fine.

Curfew time violators also face 24 hours of detention and will be subjected to brainwashing sensitization, aimed at changing the mindset of the offenders.

Negligence of health safety and infection control measures by businesses that provide services, and at points of sales is also punishable by up to 7,800 SSP.

Passenger or driver not wearing facemask in public transport will be fined 7,800 SSP each, the same applies to taxi drivers who carrying full capacity.

VP Ayii also ordered the national police service and all competent courts to immediately impose all the new stringent measures.

“All the competent courts of law and the national police service are hereby directed to impose the fines for violations as stated above,” he ordered.

“All fines shall be collected through the South Sudan National Revenue Authority (NRA).

Receipts to the respective accounts within 24 hours of collections,” he added.

The Vice President extended the partial lockdown for another one month after it expired on the 3rd of March.

South Sudan Covid-19 death toll hit 100 this week after three more people succumbed to the disease while the cumulative figures stand at 8,527 after the Ministry of Health registered113 new cases within the last 48 hours.

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