Gov’t grants asylum to 3000 refugees

Middle from the front: Mahmoud Solomon Agok, the Minister of Interior

By Atimaku Joan

The government through the Commission for Refugee Affairs (CRA) has so far granted asylum to 3000 refugees from neighboring countries, Interior Minister Mahmoud Solomon Agok said yesterday.

The Minister made the revelation during his meeting with the administrators of the country refugee commission, CRA.

Minister Agok also disclosed that South Sudan hosts more than 300,000 refugees from a number of neighbouring countries including Sudan, Ethiopia and Central African Republic (CAR), among others.

He stressed that South Sudan has an obligation to host and protect refugees just as its citizens who fled the country during crises receive protection from host countries. 

“Being a refugee is not a crime and for the country that is hosting the refugees, it is its obligation (to protect those seeking asylum) because we are all humans and everyone has his or her own problems facing her or him in his/her own country causing him/her to seek for an asylum in other countries,” he said.

The Minister said he learned of the challenges facing the country refugee commission from his interaction with the administrators of the commission.

Mahmoud stated that lack of enough space happens to be one of the challenges because there are so many refugees and asylum seekers who are coming to South Sudan.

Agok said lack of space to accommodate the growing number of refugees was one of the pressing issues facing the commission. He pledged that his ministry will allocate land to provide safer environment for the refugees.

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