Gov’t expresses hope for successful implementation of UN mandate

By Kidega Livingstone

The Transitional Government of National Unity (TNLA) has expressed its joy and hope that United Nations succeeded to fulfill its mandate as envisioned in the United Nations Charter back in 1945 as well as to cope with the new challenges of the confused World of today.

Speaking during the United Nations Day Celebration on Tuesday, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro said the theme chosen for the celebration was a touching theme that would encourage the government and United Nations to work together  to  end the suffering of the people of this Country.

“It is very much encouraging that you chose the United Nations-South Sudan; building the future together” as the theme to celebrate the United Nations day today. This is a very touching theme, one that can give hope to the long suffering people of South Sudan and also a theme that inspires the transitional government of national unity to strengthen its relationship with United Nations so we are encouraged to work coherently,” said Lomuro in the statement.

He stressed that South Sudan is the youngest member of the United Nations family that needs to do more in order to fulfill the objectives of United Nations’ charter because of the challenges associated with building of a new nation after more than 50 years of bloody war, marginalization, underdevelopment and slavery.

“Indeed the Transitional Government of National Unity is already glued on the path of building the future for the welfare of its citizens; directly through its unequivocal commitment to the implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCISS), its acceptance of the IGAD-Led revitalization process and its adherence to welcome the Regional Protection Force (RPF) in conformity with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2304(2016),” said Lomuro.

He added that the National Dialogue declared by President Kiir and outreach programmed to engage the various armed groups constitute indirect approaches in support of the already stated route for peace.

“As you are aware on the 13th October 2017, the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) handed its position to the IGAD’s Ministerial Delegation on the proposed IGAD’s high level revitalization forum, again on the 18th October, 2017, government presented a comprehensive report on the status of implementation of the Agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan to the JMEC,” he stressed.

“As we speak, President Kiir and his selected team are anxiously waiting to engage the Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations on the prospective of President Trump’s Administration on the peace in South Sudan,” he added.

He appealed to United Nations and the development partners to cooperate with government where necessary to achieve the dream, although the people of South Sudan may not be enjoying peace and prosperity now days.

“It is without any shred of doubt that we need to put our hands together with the United Nations to restore peace and security, and work together to build and develop this country which has been at war for quite a long time,” he appealed.

He said the government will fulfill its mandate as stipulated in the ARCRSS and would ensure that people of South Sudan elect their leadership through free, fair and democratic election at the end of the Transitional period. He said it should not be through negative propaganda abroad and murderous rebellion that only serve to divide and kills innocent civilians.

“As the Transitional Government of National Unity 9TGoNU) work hard to achieve peace through its earlier declared plan, we call on the United Nations to revisit its decision to suspend the previous mandate of UNMISS; which included building of nation, capacity building, security sector reform, institutional reform as well as other developmental and technical  assistances, in other words I am calling for the restoration of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1996 which was adopted upon the independence of South Sudan in July 2011, he said.

He further said the government has been demanding close cooperation and coordination from UNMISS, Humanitarians Agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders so as to ensure their safety and security in order to avoid any harm which may be subjected against them like the incident of killing which had unfortunately taken place in some parts of the Country.

In the other hand, the Representative of Secretary General of the United Nations in South Sudan (UNMISS), David Shearer said the UN is sticking to the principles of protecting the civilians and providing the humanitarian aid for the needy.

David Shearer expressed commitment that UN will continue to work together with people of South Sudan to provide security for protection of civilians and build durable peace in the country.

He said UN mission is to stick to principles of providing protection, deliver humanitarian assistance to the needy and work to restore peace to the people.

“Our mission is clear. We are here to help and support the people of South Sudan to restore hope, build their capacity, protection of lives and delivery of humanitarian assistance”, he said.

Shearer said the mission will work together with the Government of South Sudan in peace consolidation and thereby fostering longer-term state building and economic development; assist the Government in exercising its responsibilities for conflict prevention, mitigation, and resolution and protect civilians.

He said there is need for people of South Sudan to achieve for local citizens to be self-reliance, access to clean drinking water, health and children to have education opportunities.

The UN head said he was surprised by deteriorating economic situation characterized by continuous arm conflict in the region leading to an alarming number of people displaced.

Mr. Shearer expressed hope that South Sudan will one day experience peace and that its local people will enjoy a durable peace.

He stressed the need for the government and the UN to work collaboratively for improvement of security, develop capacity and free delivery of humanitarian assistance to the needy people.

Mr. David Shearer, Representative of Secretary-General of the United Nations in South Sudan, (R) greeting government officials in Juba (file photo)


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