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Gov’t deducts salaries for pensions

Director General for Pension and Social Insurance, KennethLobokaWani

By Kidega Livingstone

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has started remitting salaries being deductedfrom civil servantsto the block account of South Sudan Pension Funds, said Director General for Pension and Social Insurance, Kenneth LobokaWani.

He said salaries for the months of September, November and December of 2016 had already been deducted and that it will continue until the person reaches the retirement age.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview, Wani said the government wants to ensure that those civil servants who have reached 65 years old should retire with their pension pay cash at hand.

“Ifthe ministry of finance is remitting now constantly then it means pensioners will soon start getting their pension, the onlything is that the staff should observe so that they go and implement payment of the pension with South Sudan Pension Funds because this are the eligible people whoknow how to deal with pension,” Loboka told Juba Monitor.

However, Loboke did not disclose how much money is being deducted from each civil servant’s salary.

He said salaries deduction currently is for workers at the national government saying that exercise will sooncommence at the state level to enable the government to accumulate enough money for the pensions.

Wani noted that most of the civil servants have gone beyond their retirement age. “If you retire somebody now without money to pay him or her, then it means you aredigginga grave for that person,” he said.

Wanialso refuted the allegation that the government of Sudan has released pension for civil servants who had been serving in the old Sudan. He said instead his ministry is organizing to go and meet the Sudan’s government over the issue of pension of South Sudanese citizens who served in Sudan.

In 2016 President SalvaKiir had formed seven members of trustee who were tasked with responsibility to administer pension funds including the Civil Service Pension Scheme. However, Military Pension Scheme, Organized Forces Scheme and Private sector scheme are yet to be formed.

Wanidid not mention whether the ministry of finance and economic planning has also started deducting the salaries of those working under the ministry of defense and interior.





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