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Gov’t conducts consultative meeting on affirmative action bill

By Bida Elly David

National ministry of Gender, child and social welfare yesterday held experts’ consultative forum at local hotel in Juba on affirmative action bill for 35% representation of women in governance.

The forum was attended by a number of experts from different ministries as well as representatives from other Countries.

While addressing the forum, the undersecretary in the ministry of Gender, child and social welfare, Esther Ikere, said that the major aim of the forum was to ensure that the affirmative action bill on the 35% representation of women in decision making process was accomplished.

‘’One of the things we are anticipating after the completion and operationalization of the affirmative action bill for the 35% of representation is that allocation of positions for women at all levels by political parties in a transparency manner as provided by the revitalised agreement,’’ she said.

Ikere also added that the bill would also include effective monitoring of the implementation of the 35% provision of opportunities as designated in the revitalised agreement as well as enhance compliance and accountability of parties to their commitment in promoting gender equality.

However, Vicky Karimi, a consultant on the project pointed out during her presentation that, Article 16 of the constitution guarantees the 35% women representation in governance.

‘’Article 16 subsection 4 of the constitution critically provides and guarantees for high participation of women. It also provides inclusivity of gender representation particularly in regard to the executive,’’ She added.

She further reiterated that South Sudan is party to many international and regional obligations, basically on the status of women’s’ peace and security.

‘’South Sudan is subject to global and regional obligations more especially in gender representation in political positions,particularly in the executive. The constitution gives a mandate to female representation in leadership in all sectors of governance which includes the executive,’’ she stated.

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