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Gov’t condemns ceasefire violation in Unity State

By Mabor Riak Magok

Unity State government officials condemned a ceasefire violation between two counties Koch and Leer in Unity State.

The clashes occurred last week following the signing of unified command structures and unification of forces by the two principal signatories to R-ARCSS in Juba.

 Tor Tungwar Kueiguong, the Deputy Governor of Unity State said he strongly condemned the series of ceasefire violations and suffering of the civil population inflicted on the civil population in both Leer Counties.

“The SPLMA-IO in Unity State would like to take this opportunity to inform the presidency and all mechanism and peace guarantors on a series of violations and the ongoing suffering inflicted on the civil population in Southern Unity by the commissioner of Koch and Mayiandit counties since the 14th of February 2022 up to date”.

He added that the civil population of those localities has not been enjoying the dividends of peace all along since the above-mentioned date and as of now, the two commissioners are Rukuay of Mayiandit county for the purpose of their joint operation against the civil population of Leer county and as a result, the civilians are being killed and their properties looted.

He revealed that the entire villages of Leer County are displaced to swampy areas and it is important to note that the two commissioners are part and parcel of the seven (7) county commissioners of the revitalized government of the Unity State.

“On behalf of the SPLMA-IO in Unity State we condemn the activities of the two commissioners in the strongest term possible, the SPLMA-IO is looking forward from the presidency and the peace guarantors to intervene in this crisis and also to allow an urgent humanitarian assistance to IDPs”.

However, Edmund Yakani, Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said he condemns the ongoing violation of the ceasefire after the agreement among the parties on the implementation plan for the unification of command structure and graduation of the unified forces.

“The principals of the parties should punish the field commands that were involved in this recent violation of the ceasefire. It is a positive move for the military team to be dispatched for stopping the ongoing violations, especially around the Leer, Koch, and Mimir areas.

He added that the field commands are now turning violation of the ceasefire as a source of access to money. The top leadership of the military should hold these field commands accountable if they are not encouraged to carry out the violations. This military attitude of undermining the decision of top leadership should be stopped otherwise it is the practice that likely will turn the country back to war.

He revealed that it is clear that some field commands of some of the parties to the R-ARCSS are totally undermining the spirit of transitioning the situation of our country from violence to peace through genuine implementation of the R-ARCSS.

“Time has come for the principals of the parties to demonstrate responsibility of holding the field commands that like to violate the ceasefire accountable. CEPO is urging the presidency to ensure that transitional security arrangements mechanism resume their regular work effectively with the full political and financial support for the genuine realization of security and defense transformation.”

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