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Gov’t condemns attack on humanitarian vehicle

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Central Equatoria State government condemned the attackby forces loyal to National Salvation Front on humanitarian vehicle which was delivering aid to refugees in Morobo County on Friday last week.

Speaking to the Media, the Central Equatoria State Minister for Information Andruga Mabe Saberio blamed the NationalSalvation Front forces loyal to Thomas Cirilo for attacking humanitarian vehicles.

“State Government is working for peace in order to ensure return of refugees but still NAS forces violate peace implementation. As you know, our government is the government of peace, we stand for peace and we negotiated it and the international community is supporting the efforts towards peace, thestate government is part and partial, standing for peace that is why the returnees have come back,” said the Minister.

He added that the holdout groups were not adhering to the cessation of hostilities protocol.

Saberio revealed that NAS forces werekilling innocent people who were peace loving describing their forces as terrorists.

“Unfortunately, we felt that this peace is not treated well by the people who are anti-peace threatening all the progress made towards achieving permanent peace in the country. The anti-peace elements are those still killing innocent and peace-loving people. They are terrorists killing people who want to live peacefully,” he said.

The State government condemned the act of targeting humanitarian vehicles by the national salvation front forces.

“As government, we condemn the barbaric act of these anti-peace group who are actual terrorists and we convey our sincere condolences to the families of the victims. We are calling on the national government and international community to investigate and support our efforts towards peace,” appealed the state government spokesman.

Humanitarian workers suffered several atrocities committed to them while on line of duty delivering services to affected and needy population since the start of the conflict in the country.

Several incidents perpetuated against humanitarian workers were reported this yearin Jonglei and other parts of the country with perpetrator not apprehended and held accountable by the authorities.

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