Gov’t comes clean on coronavirus rumours

By Kidega Livingstone

The High Level Taskforce on Coronavirus has dismissed claims that there could be cases of coronavirus in the country but the government is suppressing information.

Dr. Makur Matur Koryom, the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health, who also doubles as a member of the High Level Taskforce on Coronavirus said the government was not hiding any information on the virus from the public.  

Matur told journalists that it was only the office of the First Vice President or President and Ministry of Health having credible information about the virus.

 “There is no room for us to hide any information, we have been very much transparent that when there is a suspected case we repeat the test. This is the normal standard of covid-19 test we are using all over the world,” Matur said.

 “There is no any case of coronavirus in the country. All the 18 samples collected tested negative using world standard testing kits and reagents.

“If you find the confirmed case you will not find it on social media, it comes from the government as you have seen today. If there is case it will come from the Office of the First Vice President or the President or from the Ministry of Health if delegated to do so,” he added.

Matur said government would continue to close places of gathering and restriction on people’s movement to avoid spreading of the virus.

 “For us we cannot wait for the virus to come then we start doing what we are doing now as government because we want to avoid spread of the virus,” he said.

 He said sneaking into the country by foreigners was the only challenge to the government side. 

“Sneaking of foreigners is one of the challenges and we have to face it as the government. We understand that the borders are closed. Those who may not abide by the order should be brought to us so that we could take measured against them,” he said.

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