Gov’t, China signed Jur Bridge rehabilitation agreement

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Ministry of Roads and Bridges, and China embassy has signed a supplementary agreement on the implementation of Jur River Bridge in Western Bhar El Ghazal State.

Speaking to Press during the Signing of Supplementary agreement yesterday, the Minister of Roads, Bridges Simon Mijok Mijak said this day is great day for people of South Sudan and the people of greater Bhar El Ghazal when President Salva Kiir promised the rehabilitation of bridge during his visit to Western Bhar El Ghazal in 2013 and his request to Chinese government during his visit to China 2018 as well.

“Today we are on implementation process, the agreement which was signed last year in August 2019 and currently we implemented it.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan,   Hua Ning said this project will be implemented while more projects are on the way and we will continue to move on.

“It is very much to share our experience, our knowledge to South Sudanese people. China have play very key roles for connecting through rehabilitation of Bhar El Ghazal Jur River bridge, currently all the  materials for construction of the roads, Bridge have been brought from China. It is big a step to our implementation by signing this matrix agreement,” Ning said.

He added that the China Shandong HI- Speed Nile Investment and Development Company Limited has donated medical equipment to the Ministry of Roads.

“We also witnessed the donation of China Shandong HI- Speed by working hard to keep the road open for country future. China is very willing to join hand with South Sudan government and people,” Ning added.

He revealed that China is willing to support economic investment. China is happy to see South Sudanese government forming economic crises management committee.

“We also mobilize all resources for future development in South Sudan economic. Chinese people always said if you want to be rich you have to build roads, and bridges,” Ning stated.

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