Gov’t called upon to expedite peace implementation

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Women group has called on the government to speed up the implementation of the peace agreement and complete the remaining tasks of the accord in order for peace to prevail in the country.

The women made the call during the monthly Women Forum held in Juba yesterday.

Veronica Gordon the coordinator of the Women Monthly Forum said that time is running out for the government to complete all the pending tasks of the agreement and conduct elections at the end of the transitional in 20213.

“We need the government to double efforts and speed up the implementation of the peace agreement. Well, this year has ended and we are going to 2022 and the agreement is ending in 2023, so before the end of next year, we need to speed up (the peace implementation.

“We know that (there are) reforms taking place, policies are being discussed, but our constitution is not yet worked on and a lot of other remaining issues of the agreement are not yet discussed,” she said.

Ms. Gordon demanded the enactment of policies to empower women by providing cash to women groups and associations to alleviate the high poverty rate among women in the country.

“We majorly discuss on benefits of oil and non-oil revenues but the level of poverty among women limits them from accessing loans for small business, this is the main reason for conducting this forum,” she added.

The Women Monthly Forum brings together women leaders and representatives to discuss issues of concern and review peace implementation. 

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