Gov’t bans alcoholic drinks in Yambio 

By Baraka John 

The Government of Western Equatoria State banned the selling of alcoholic drinks in all shops across the State, despite issuing a similar ban on the same commodities last year.

The banned alcoholic drinks include Royal gin, Star Gin, London. The ban also included the sale of drugs such as Tramol and Marungi in Pharmacies and stores. 

According to the order, violators will face punitive measures including any trader found selling the banned alcoholic drinks upon conviction, will be fined to the tune of one million South Sudanese Pounds [1,000,000 SSP], on the sale of Tramol and Marungi, the violator will be fined two hundred and fifty thousand Sound Sudanese Pounds [250,000SSP] in case of default of payment, the violator will serve a prison term not exceeding three months and both the drugs and the alcoholic drinks will be exterminated.  

“This order may be cited as state order No-04 /2022 for banning the following alcoholic drinks, Royal gin, Star gin, London including drugs Tramol and Marungi. This order in accordance with the resolution of the security meeting No- 05/2022. The purpose of the State order is for banning the sale of the specified alcoholic drinks and drugs in shops, stores and pharmacies due to their bad impact on the health of people”. The order reads

The order further stated that Tramol shall only be sold to patients with prescriptions from a medical doctor for treatment.

Some members of the public specifically in Yambio, often criticize the sale of Tramol by pharmacies owners to young men who the public said mostly use to enhance their sexual performance.  

Last year, similar State order was issued banning the sale of Royal gin, Star Gin, London sale of drugs such as Tramol and Marungi in Pharmacies and stores, but there was no proper implementation of the order, as such the imports of the banned staffs continue to flow in the State.    

Efforts to reach the chairman for the State Chamber of Commerce were not successful.     

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