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Gov’t asked to avail funds for passports

By Atimaku Joan

Government through the ministry of finance has been advised to avail funds for the minister of foreign affairs to resume issuing of ordinary passports for citizens.

Speaking after the council of ministers’ meeting last week,the MinisterforInformation, Telecommunication and Postal Service Michael Makuei Lueth said that it was a problem if people could not travel in case of any emergency due to lack of access to ordinary passports.

“If there is a situation where a person who is not entitled to a diplomatic passport, business passport or special passport has to leave the country due to emergency like health issue, then we will have to provide such a person with passport so that he can travel for treatment. This is a problem and the minister has requested the cabinet to look into that and the cabinet has directed the minister of foreign affairs to discuss with the minister of finance to avail some funds for the production of ordinary passports,” said Lueth.

He added that it made no sense for a citizen to be given special or business passport.

The country had stopped issuing Nationality IDs and passports last year after its GermanTechnology provider shut down the system due to the government’s failure to pay its bills.

South Sudan government was to pay about USD 6.9million to the German company who was the project implementer of the document lay out.

However, the issuing of nationality IDs and other passports resumed last month after the government paid USD 1.4 million which was part of the USD 6.9 million to the company leaving out the issuing of ordinary passports.

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