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Gov’t announces compulsory farming to fight hunger

By Baraka John 

The State Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Environment in Western Equatoria has announced a plan to engage every person in the state to cultivate as the rainy season sets in.

Yesterday, the Minister of Agriculture had a fruitful discussion with the State’s top authority and His majesty to allocate vast land where every person would have his or her portion of land to cultivate.

Minister Barnaba said the plan targets all government officials, organized forces, all believers, and NGOs fraternity. He said the move aims to fight hunger and alleviate poverty among the population this year.

“In this cultivating season, no one will sit home idle, starting with our soldiers all of them have to embark on farming. Last year forces of SSPDF and SPLA-IO cultivated massively, so this year the ministry of agriculture will have to extend this plan to all the organized forces in the State. Only members of organized forces who are on duty will be exempted”.

Minister Barnaba made this remark during the distribution of seeds and farming tools to IDPs in Yambio County who fled the Tambura conflict.

He said after allocating a piece of land to everyone, the Ministry of agriculture will provide seeds and farming tools.

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