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 Gov’t and international partners to fight GBV



National Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, Awut Deng Achuil (R), Deputy of UN Peace Keeping Operations Bintou Keita (M) and SRSG of UN, David Shearer (L) during the Leadership Dialogue on GBV(Photo by Manyuon Mayen Manyuon):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The government and other international partners have expressed readiness to fight gender based violence across the country.

Speaking during a leadership dialogue on GBV, the Minster of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, Awut Deng Achuil said that the government was ready to fight issues of GBV.

“As government of course, our president has already affirmed commitment to fight the issues of gender based violence. I want to see religious people and men leading the way. It is not all about the women but about the family,” Awut stated.

She said that the leadership discussions by religious groups, civil society, government institutions, international partners and community based leaders were paramount for ending gender based violence.

She said gender based violence was affecting the country’s progress in terms of development.

“Let us make sure that things that hinder participation of a group of people based on sex in the society are removed,” she said. It will be difficult to rush and leave behind the majority of our population,” Ms Awut added.

She reiterated that there was need to empower women to eliminate the issues of gender based violence.

She said the African Agenda of 2063 talked about empowerment of women and the key things to be fixed were education and economic empowerment.

She said women economic empowerment required them to be given resources to contribute to the economy of the continent.

The gender minister revealed that there were methods developed by the government to ensure that women were protected.

“It is in the process of implementation, you can see different institutions working to empower women and their attendance in the meeting,” she said.  “So the Government has made a commitment and it has put down some regulations and legislations to make sure that the women and girls are protected,” she added.

Ms. Bintou Keita, UN Assistant Secretary General for Peace Keeping Operations (DPKO) said addressing GBV and Conflict-related Sexual Violence (CRSV) was essential for many reasons.

“It is essential for peace building and reconciliation to take root, justice must be done and be seen to be done for sexual violence survivors. Otherwise trauma, diseases, perceived dishonor and desire for vengeance will fester within the communities,” Ms. Keita stressed.

She added that those who have suffered sexual violence and children born out of rape should be reintegrated in the societies and economies otherwise they would remain susceptible to exploitation and recruitment.

“We need to work with the communities to prevent GBV and CRSV and if it happens. We must support survivors to access services in a timely manner,” she added.

She revealed that if a woman reported a case of GBV within three days, medical treatment to prevent HIV infection, un-planned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases should be given to her.

“We therefore must break the stigma and taboo that surrounds victims of GBV that in turn prevent many women, girls and boys from seeking the needed medical and psychological assistance that is so critical to recovery,” Ms. Keita.



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