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Governors pledge safety to National Dialogue committee

By Sasuk Taban

The Governors have vowed to provide security and to allow people to talk freely in the National Dialogue process.

Speaking to the media yesterday after a closed door session of the Secretariat members, the Co-Chair of the National Dialogue, Angelo Beda said Governors Augustino Jadalla Wani of Jubek state, Rizik Zachariah of Lol sate and Tor Monybuny of Central Upper Nile state have pledged to provide security in the states and allow citizens to air out their grievances.

“The first phase of the National Dialogue is completed. It was all about preparation and we formed committees and the second phase is for the committees to go to the grassroots and in the diaspora,” Beda said.

Beda further said the secretariat has spent the three months, making preparations and as well  formed committees to roll out to the regions.

Beda said the leadership was in contact with the opposition who are outside the country. “We have succeeded with some and others, we are still following Dr. Riek Machar”.

He said two committees shall go to the diaspora to deal with those who are outside and the first three committees shall leave for Aweil, Juba and Malakal as soon as possible by 21st of September, 2017 for ten days in each county and seven days in the region.

The Co-chair added that the governors have pledged to transport the committees to the Counties, Bomas and Payams and they believe  that National Dialogue is the only way to end the crisis in South Sudan and to restore peace.


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