Governor’s daughter donates bikes to security forces

Governor’s daughter donates bikes to security forces

By Mabor Riak Magok

The governor’s daughter of Lakes State Ayen Makur Kulang Liei has donated ten (10) Senke motorcycles to the government of Lakes State for security forces during the weekend.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Press Secretary to governor of Lakes State Mayor Mou Adhor said the donation of motorcycles to security unites will help the state government to quell the rampant insecurity cases in the state.

Mou said the daughter to the governor was among other well-wishers to donate the motorcycle to the security forces.

Mou said among the business well-wishers who donated motorcycles include Mayom Tulba who donated ten motorcycles and Deng Makuak also donated ten motorcycles to security forces in Lakes State.

However the Governor’s daughter Ayen said she will be happy to see that the security in Lakes State is peaceful and stable.

“I didn’t donate these ten motorcycles just because I am a daughter of Lakes State governor Makur Kulang Liei. I donated these ten motorcycles just for security purposes because I am a daughter of Lakes State and I am also concerned about the insecurity and I wanted it to be stable,” said Ayen.

She stated that the donation is part of her own contribution to support security forces in order to address insecurity cases in the state.

“I am a business lady doing so many businesses and this is not the first for me to donate things to states. I have been doing it to other people when I am requested,” She explained.

She said her father who is the governor didn’t give her funds to purchase the motorbikes arguing the funds is part of the business she runs adding that she was never assisted indirectly by the father.

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