Governor’s absence worsening Bor’s flood response – Civil Society

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Jonglei Civil Society Network has blamed  the Governor’s absence in the State capital Bor for worsening the flood response as the authorities on the ground  continued to have no priorities for the stranded  victims.

David Garang Goch, the Chairperson of the State Civil coalition revealed that the government on the ground was not doing enough to respond to the stranded flood victims. 

Earlier this week, the defunct Jonglei Secretary General Mabior Atem Mabior said that over 70,000 people were displaced by flooding from Twic East localities and they were being received in Bor town on daily basis.

Mr. Goch said such huge number of people have been stranded at Bor’s Port without evacuation since most of them arrived Bor.

He blamed the poor response on the existing State authorities in Bor as he attributed it to the absence of the newly appointed Governor on the ground.

“If the Governor was here, then he could be the one to see who is heavily affected by the crisis so that he brings in system immediately because he is accountable person for government affairs as well as humanitarian connections,” the chairperson said in an interview on Tuesday.

The activist revealed the public outcry was supposed to be understood and use as an avenue to respond to the disaster as soon as possible.

“We are looking for solutions now; if the governor could come and immediately address these issues then it would be better. This is because his absence is deteriorating the situation since authorities are not giving directives,” Goch reiterated. 

“Humanitarian partners are not being engaged well by the available authorities. No one is giving full mandate of the humanitarian to intervene, so this is really a problem,” he quipped.

According to the Civil Society, the State government was supposed to try its best to engage the agencies on how the displaced persons be assisted in Jonglei State. 

He called on the Governor to go to Bor and fact check what was happening on the ground so that the flood affected victims were helped.

Governor Denay Jock Chagor, the Jonglei State Governor said he was in Juba to mobilize support and lobby ways to be respond to the flooding in Jonglei. 

“My being in Juba is only to mobilize support from the Central government and the UN agencies to help the flood-affected persons in the State,” he said.

“In addition, I have Hon. Joshua Konyi, the Chief Administrator of Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) in town as well, so both of us are working closely to influence our youth not to carry out more attacks,” Denay added. 

The Governor urged the civil population in Bor to remain vigilant to river rising warning, adding that “The State is doing its very best to help”

Earlier this month, Governor Denay Jock was in Capital Bor to assess the impact of the flooding.

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