Governor,deputy reconcile after months of loggerhead

By Deng Ghai Deng

Denay Jock Chagor, the Governor of Jonglei State and his Deputy Ambassador Antipas Nyok Kucha have vowed to reconcile after months of loggerhead over the positions of Bor Town Mayor and the State Government’s Secretary General.

The 2018 Revitalized Peace Agreement had not spelled out in details how the two positions should be shared among the parties in the State.

In March this year, Governor Chagor appointed a member of South Sudan Opposition Allynne (SOA) party Gatwech Koak Nyuon as the Jonglei State Government Secretary General and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, SPLM party member Agot Alier Leek as the Mayor of Bor Town.

Deputy Governor Kucha complained over the appointment saying that Governor Chagor didn’tconsult him as one of the State key Principals to the R-PRCIRSS.

Kucha said he didn’t nominate Alier for the position instead he nominated Angok Kuol Tiir who was not appointed. In April Kucha fired Alier from the position of Bor Town Mayor and dismissed him from the SPLM party at the same time charging him of colluding with Governor Chagor in order to illegally get appointed for the position.

The next day,Governor Chagor reinstated Alier to the position. Since then, it became rare to spot the two leaders shaking hands in public. They began making hate hints in some of their public speeches.

Last week, the United Nations Mission In South Sudan, UNMISS sponsored a 3-day conference which brought together Governor Chagor and his Deputy Kucha plus Advisors, Ministers, Chairpersons of Commissions and County Commissioners to discuss the challenges affecting good governance and Revitalized Peace Agreement among the stakeholders in State level. The forum was aimed at looking for the avenue to reconcile the senior Jonglei leaders.

Professor Julia Akeer Duany, the former Vice Chancellor of Dr. John Garang University who facilitated the forum urged Governor Chagor and his Deputy Kucha to reconcile.

Duany said if the two leaders continued to resist and resent each other there would be no progress and the civil population would suffer.

“If you are a leader you should do two things; have time with everybody and when you leave, everybody will remember that time you spent with them.  And for us in Jonglei we want the time our two leaders spent here, the memorable time we can all remember,” Duany said

Isidore Buchue, the Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, UNMISS in Jonglei State said the forum was aimed at reconciling the leaders of Jonglei State and to give them some light on their roles as stipulated in the 2018 Revitalized Peace Agreement.

“The presence of the Governor and the Deputy Governor all along this forum is the demonstration of commitment to advance Jonglei State. So, they are taking seriously their positions and the role they have to play to bring this country to another stage,” Boutchue said.

Ambassador Antipas Nyok Kucha, the Deputy Governor of Jonglei State said he was willing to reconcile and improve relations with Governor Chagor.Governor Denay Chagor promised to reconcile and find amicable means to resolve any confusion that was hindering their progress.

Governor Chagor urged Jonglei State officials to put behind their differences, parties’ ideologies and individual disagreements for the interest of Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Bol Deng Bol, with the Advocacy group, Intrepid South Sudan applauded Governor Chagor and Deputy Governor Kucha for committing themselves to leave their personal grudges. Bol urged the two leaders to focus on delivering services specially to address the issues of insecurity and the flooding that had engulfed the State.

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