Governor vows to protect lives and properties in Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

The governor of Lakes State Rin Tueny Mabor Deng said his priority would be to protect the lives and the properties of Lakes State citizens.

He made the statement while addressing thousands of people in Rumbek freedom square during his officials welcoming.

Governor Mabor added that he has been instructed by the president to ensure that people live in the State are protected from the armed criminals and to bring to an end the rampant cycle of revenge killings, extortion of properties along the high ways by armed bandits, and cattle raiding.

Lakes State is one of the areas that has faced persistent intercommunal fighting necessitated by cattle raiding given the presence of firearms in the hands of the civilians.

He called those who killed and committed other crimes to report themselves in person to police custody with immediate effect and failure to comply with the orders, drastic measures would be constituted against them.

The Governor condemned those who killed women and children and termed them as bad apples.

He assured the community of Lakes State to cooperate with the state government as he delivers services to the people.

The leader expressed his readiness and commitment to cooperate with the political parties to the R- ARCSS to implement the peace agreement in order to restore peace and stability in the state.

The deputy governor,Poth Madit Dut in his welcoming speech briefed the governor on the way forward in addressing illegal land occupation of public land by a few people, security stability within Rumbek Town and financial misappropriation by some government officials.

The Paramount chief of Rumbek Central County Sabit Kuac Manyiel appealed to the governor Mabor to be fully equipped to deal with rampant insecurity caused by the armed criminals in Lakes state.

The Women representative in Lakes state,Agum Joseph Kuc urged the governor to work hand in hand with all the stakeholders especially women since they are the champion of peace in the society.

She applauded the governor for using his energy to travel by road to acquaints himself with problems facing citizen in Lakes state.

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