Governor upgrades Mundri PHCC to hospital

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Western Equatoria State Governor Alfred Futuyo Karaba has upgraded Mundri Primary Health Care Center (MPHCC) to Mundri hospital.

This came after his visit to the three Eastern counties in Western Equatoria States of Mundri West, Mundri East and Mvolo.

In his visit to Mundri West County, Governor Futuyo inspected the MPHCC and said,

“Mundri PHCC deserves to be a hospital not mere health care center and from today on wards with the powers given to me as Western Equatoria State Governor, I upgrade this Centre to Mundri Hospital,” Governor Futuyo declared.

He said that the three great counties cannot continue depending on one hospital since people are facing a lot of challenges of long distance, poor roads, poor transport and insecurities on the roads which he said was dangerous for sick people to be helped in critical times.

According to Futuyo, the reason for upgrading the center to hospital is to bring services nearer to people.

“When we talk of bringing services nearer to the people, which services are we meaning? These are hospitals, schools and good roads among other services, so my government is ready to improve on those areas,” he added.

Futuyo reiterated his continued support towards the health sector in Western Equatoria State saying that although there are a lot of challenges facing health workers, his government will work hard to improve their condition and calls on health workers to continue helping the sick people.

He didn’t stop at what he said about supporting the health sector but to make people believe. He donated 20,000 USD to start the construction of rooms in Mundri hospital. He also donated 100 mattresses with two bed sheets for each to support accommodation at the hospital.

For his part, the executive director of Mundri, Jackson Taban commended the governor for upgrading Mundri Primary Health Care Centre to Mundri hospital.

“I can say your coming here (Governor) is a blessing to people of greater Mundri counties and is a sign of peace to the entire community of greater Mundri, we urge you to continue to do what you are doing to the other parts of our state,” Taban said.

Meanwhile, the director for County Health Department in Mundri West, Victoria Alawai described the donation by the governor as a good step towards improving the health sector.

“I am very excited for what our governor has done. His donation and upgrading of Mundri PHCC to hospital are really great and appreciated,” Ms. Alawia said.

Since time immemorial, the three counties of great Mundri only had Lui hospital that was initiated by Dr Fraser a Scottish missionary Doctor in earlier 1920s until it was taken over by the government in 1957 and 1958. 

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