Governor Shuts a night club in Juba

By Morris Dogga

The governor of Jubek State Agustino Jadalla Wani has ordered the shutdown of a night club in Munuki after a fight that left at least five people injured.

Kulana Club and Grills located between Suk Libya and Suk Melisia in Munuki was ordered to close down yesterday.

According to the police spokesperson Brigadier General Daniel Justin the police surrounded the club after it received information that there was fighting in the night club.

“People at the night club fought among themselves in the night. So we went there at around 5 o’clock, we surrounded the area and the situation was brought under control,” the Police Spokesperson Brigadier Daniel Justin told Juba Monitor yesterday.

Governor Jadalla and the Inspector General of Police Major General Majak Malok visited the scene in the morning.

“The people surrounding that area were complaining about the night club. The governor ordered for the closure of the night club,” he added.

According to Justin those who got injured during the fight were taken to the hospital for treatment.

He said there were less than ten people who got injured but some of them were not interested to go to the hospital and were set free.

Justine said when the fight started; the people fought using empty beer bottles.

Some residents said they heard some gunshots in the area that could be related to the incident but the police spokesperson denied shooting by the police.

One resident who spoke to Juba Monitor on condition of anonymity said he was not sure if the shutdown of the club was going to last arguing that it was not the first time the night club was shutdown.

“Last time this club was closed and the closure only lasted for three days and it was opened. Now they have shut it down again and it might also start operations after few days,” the anonymous source said in Arabic.

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