Governor prepares soldiers for disarmament

By Mabor Riak Magok

The governor of Lakes State major general Makur Kulang Liei has prepared soldiers for possible disarmament.

He made the announcement upon his return to the state capital on Thursday night after three days of touring the counties to enlighten the communities on peaceful and voluntary disarmament.

Governor Kulang issued an order for soldiers residing in Rumbek to assemble and report themselves to their respective units before official date set for disarmament in the State.

Speaking to the media, Governor Kulang Liei said the 10th of August 2020 set for disarmament exercise in Lakes State would not be either extended or postponed.

“I want to urge you that the date 10 of August will not be extended or postponed. Disarmament exercise must kick off on the 10th of this month peacefully,” said Governor Kulang.

He said the reason of touring all the counties across the State was to enlighten the community on the voluntary disarmament because people in the State want peaceful disarmament exercise.

“Another reason of touring the Counties is to let the Youth stop unnecessary road ambushes and next time I will go to Cueibet County,” said Governor Kulang.

He announced that all soldiers residing in Rumbek capital must report themselves to their respective units with their ammunition.

“I would like to announce this to every soldier residing in Rumbek who came from other units, please, starting from tomorrow assemble all your properties and report yourselves immediately to your respective units with guns, properties as well as military equipment,” he said.

He condemned the latest fresh fighting between Nyang and Amothnhom sections of Rumbek Central County that took place on Wednesday in Patuweng.

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