Governor pays SSP 30M as blood compensation

By Mabor Riak Magok

The Governor of Lakes State Makur Kulang Liei has paid SSP 30, 300,000 as blood compensation to the families of three people who were killed innocently in 2014 at Pacong Payam of Rumbek East County byunknown gunmen.

The event was witnessed by Warrap deputy governor Ayen Mayor.

Speaking in Rumbek Freedom Square during thehanding over ceremony on Monday,governor Liei apologized on behalf of the State and urged the family of the deceased to forgive Lakes State citizens.

He said the nature of a crime which took place was so much complicated and that is a reason why the government took a lead to address it by paying a blood compensation to the deceased families.

“Warrap and Lakes State are two sisterly States and anything which aimed to destroy the relationship between the two states can’t be tolerated by any leadership,” he said.

The deputy governor of Warrap State Ayen Mayor urged her state government and the deceased families to forgive and reconcile.

“My government is pleased to witnessthis event and our hope is to bring such worrisome case to an end. I am calling on families of the victims to stay in peace with those who offended you,” Deputy GovernorMayor said.

Bona Bang Dhela member of Warrap State urged Agar community to stop the notion of borrowing other people for revengekilling in Rumbek.

“This is a time for Agar community to desist from this revenge killing otherwise they should tell us what they found under the earth,” saidMr. Dhel.

A law maker who represents the families, Mayar Deng Mayar urged the Agar community to desist from revenge killing.

“You have spoiled the name of beautiful place to sound as if it has no leaders and right people. We feel sad when a crime happens in Rumbek. You have gone even to the level of disrespecting mighty God by shooting a servant of God,” said Deng.

He appealed to the senior members of the deceased killed in Pacong to carry out spiritual sacrifices with open heart so that Rumbek is relieved from Sodom characterized nature.

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