Governor orders removal of illegal checkpoints

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Western Equatoria State Governor Alfred Futuyo Karaba has ordered removal of all unlawful checkpoints in the state.

According to the order issued by the governor last week, order number 1, 2021, Article 99 (A) one (1) of Constitution of Western Equatoria State 2011 amended in 2015, allows only permissible checkpoints to function.

“Based on the above Article of Western Equatoria State, I am hereby ordering the closure of all illegal checkpoints within the State, it should be observed from today (last week) only the recommended checkpoints will continue with their duties,” reads the order.

He said there are many unwanted checkpoints that were created in the state by few individuals to fulfill their own interest saying it has even contributed to the increase of prices of goods in the state due to overcharging of the traders on roads.

“These unwanted checkpoints all over in our state are affecting our people negatively especially the business people and down to buyers, traders are being taxed heavily in those checkpoints and they come and double the prices because they want to recover their money. We cannot blame them, everyone understand what makes all that, but we need to stop it from going further,” he added.    

When asked about the order, Moses Samuel Elikana the press Secretary in the office of the governor said the order will be implemented fully, the governor is calling upon the public to report any unauthorized checkpoint trying to tax their goods.

“What the Governor said after issuing the order was that, for the order to be implemented fully the road users have to take full responsibility by rejecting taxation from those illegal checkpoints operators,” Mr. Alikana said.

The Governor said everyone has to abide by the order and anyone found violating the order will be punished.

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