governor ordered arrest of suspects on Anyidi killings

By Deng Ghai Deng

Jonglei State governor Denay Jock Chagor  directed security agencies in Bor town to trace and apprehend all the suspects behind Anyidi killings that left seven people dead in Bor County. 

 Governor Chagor said that youth from Bor County organized themselves and went into a rampage killing of  innocent people that reside within Bor town.

“as governor of Jonglei, I ordered security organs to bring those who are involved in the killing of innocent people who are living in Bor town. Anybody who is suspected, anybody who has given communication, anybody who has said something about this whether they are politicians, they are young or old, anybody who has been involved must be brought to justice and we are doing it swiftly,”

Chagor urged the authorities in Pibor to make sure revenge killings don’t take place in their area,  investigate and apprehend the suspects who killed 2 people in Bor County on Friday.

Lokali Amea, the Chief Administrator for the Greater Pibor Administrative area welcomed the move by Jonglei governor to trace and arrest suspects of Friday’s killings.

“What happened in Bor has happened 3 times now; in 2007 they killed people in hospital, again 2012 they killed two traders there and it happened in the town.  I see that is not right and we have to commit ourselves to the people especially where youth cannot do.” Amea said

 He added that the government is putting in place security measures to ensure no revenge attack takes place in the Pibor area.

“I control it, they cannot do revenge in Pibor, in Gumuruk, Likwangle and in all my counties. I am still committed to the peace and people of Greater Pibor use to do a lot of things. I quarrel with them because I need to stop child abduction and cattle raiding.” He added

He revealed that Pibor Chief Administrator, Jonglei State governor and other officials met in Bor recently where they reiterated their commitment to a signed agreement that aimed to foster peace and security among their local populations by improving working relations and implementing agreed-to resolutions including the return of abductees and compensation to family members for those who have been killed.   

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