Governor ordered alleged theft in former mayor’s office investigated

By Yiep Joseph

The Governor of Central Equatoria State Emmanuel Adil Anthony has ordered the new Mayor of Juba City Council to investigate the alleged theft in the office of the former Mayor and bring to book all culprits’ involved..

Speaking during the swearing in of Michael Lado Thomas yesterday, the governor revealed that there was an issue that of some people had broken in the office of the former Mayor.

“There is something that I got yesterday, I heard that the office of the former mayor has been broken into. It is a criminal act, those who are holding keys to the doors must be questioned. Anyway it is a security matter” Adil explained.

“I need this  to be investigated what is the purpose of breaking in an office  all those who have done this must be brought to account, it is a very big crime it is an office of the government. Those who are protecting it must be investigated and I direct you the new mayor to do it” he added.

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