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Governor Lojore urges communities not to harbor criminals

Louis LobongLojore, Governor Eastern Equatoria State

By Emelda siama John

The Governor of Eastern Equatoria State (EES) has urged communities in the state and to stop harboringcriminals saying they need to face the law.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday Governor Lojore said the continued communal conflict, cattle raiding and revenge among others exist because communities do not give away the criminals perpetrating acts of violence.

Eastern Equatoriatop official warned villages in the state that police will come for all the criminals and urged theinhabitants to help government identified the culprits to account for their acts.

“We give them 7 days to produce those criminals, to revealed them and surrenderthem to the government so that they will be taken to court for what they have done before,” Lobong said reiterated the sentiments made the national Ministerof Minister of National Security Service, ObutoMamur Mete who is currently in the state.

“If you don’t hand over the criminals to the government in 7 days, I will come here and look for the criminals myself,” Minister Mete to villagers in HiyalaPayam of Torit County.

General Mete ordered the youth of Haforiere, Tirangore, Mura-Hatiha, Hiyala, loguruny, Iloli, Ilieu, and Chalamini to shun violence.

The state government pledged to mobilize necessary resources to clean the state of criminals which was in line with the resolution at the governor’s forum in late November that all the governors and chief administrators should curb insecurity in their areas.   

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