Governor Lobong appeal for forgiveness

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Louis Lobong Lojore has called for unity and forgiveness among his State citizens.

The appointment of Lobong as the governor of Eastern Equatoria State was faced with criticisms from some State citizens on the social media.

Speaking to press on Saturday, Governor Lobong said both politicians, the people of Eastern Equatoria, civil servants and civil society need to come together to bring the lasting peace to the people of our State.

“If I have hurt anybody they should forgive me and I am also ready to forgive them,” said Lobong, adding that “Reconciliation and forgiveness is important to make unity in the community.”

He said unity can be promoted and maintained when everyone works together for a common goal, adding that goal would be easier to achieve.

The governor Lobong appealed to the citizens to cooperate with one others and do one activity that to build the happiness, prosperity and unity in the community.

He said arts contest for kids, culture race, gender and economic status were just some of the factors that make any community diverse, “despite diversity each individual with his own unique talents skills can collaborate with others to make their community better place for everyone.”

Lobong reiterated that community cannot exist without unity, saying building good relationships and working together with other community members should be encouraged.

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