Governor increases teachers’ salaries

By Baraka John 

As schools officially re-opened on Monday, the Governor of Western Equatoria State Alfred Futiyo Karaba announced the increment of government teachers’ salaries in the State.

Governor Futiyo instructed the State Minister of Education to immediately implement the order of increasing the teachers’ salaries without following grading protocols.

Teachers on government pay role in Western Equatoria State are mostly serving in grade 14, 12, 10, 9 and 8 and earn between SSP 900 to SSP 2,500 as monthly salary which is insufficient to cater for their family needs.

“I think for the state to have quality education, we must empower our own teachers so that they deliver right knowledge to our children. We cannot expect teachers to teach effectively when the money they earn cannot even buy a bicycle or feed their families in two days. So, the state minister of education, I know the national government has new structure of payment for teachers in the country but all I need is starting from next month all government teachers should receiveSSP10,000 as their monthly incentive,” Futiyo said.

The State Minister of education Grace Appollo Mussa said improving teachers’ salary scale will encourage teaching staffs to serve faithfully.

Minister Grace said wearing facemask and regular hand washing will be mandatory for the learners while attending lessons, saying teachers will only allow learners with facemask to enter classes. She said the ministry will provide all schools with facemasks and hand washing facilities.

She said all school girls who got pregnant or are breastfeeding their babies will be allowed to enrol to evening classes, saying more evening classes will be introduced.

Some teachers who spoke to Juba Monitor shortly after the announcement said, the move will now put smile on the faces of teachers to produce the best of their knowledge to learners.

Alex Essau, a headteacher at government basedYambio Secondary school said he earnsSSP 2,500 as his monthly salary which delays for five to six months.

Mr. Essau said the increment will double his effort to deliver effective teachings and concentrate on students.

Mary Kiden, a female teacher at Yabongo Girls Primary school owned by the government, applauded the state government for recognising the poverty teachers under go in the State. Kiden urged her fellow government teachers who left the profession in search of greener pasture to come back to work.

According to the state minister of education, most government teachers have deserted teaching profession looking for jobs with NGOs for better pay.

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