Governor Futuyo calls for continuous unity

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Western Equatoria State (WES) Governor Alfred Futuyo Karaba has called on communities in the state to continue with the existing unity as a way of improving security and promoting peaceful co-existence in the State.

 “We need the unity that I have seen for the last few months as a governor of the Western Equatoria State that is why our communities are able to celebrate this year’s Christmas peacefully without any problem, we need that unity to exist continuously,” Governor Futuyo said.

Governor Futuyo was addressing journalists after Christmas celebration over the weekend in Yambio, headquarter of Western Equatoria State.

“I am happy to see our communities moving freely without interference from criminals or from anyone even from the security agencies that is what everyone in this country would like to see happening as we such for everlasting peace in the country,” he added.  

He said for South Sudan to be peaceful, there is need for the communities to continue embarking on forgiveness, healing, reconciliation and unity saying without forgiveness and reconciliation there will be no sustainable peace in the country.

He further assured everyone that nothing will happen to them adding that everyone will be protected in the state.

“I don’t see any reason why some people feel insecure and fear to come to WES here, we welcome anyone from different political parties. Everyone is free to come and stay with their family and if you still have some problems come and we reconcile, forgive so that we move together as community of our state,” Futuyo added.

When contacted about the general security situation in the WES, Moses Samuel Elikana, the Press Secretary in the governor’s office described it as one of the best ever and peaceful Christmas celebrated in the state since the outbreak of conflicts in the country.

“I think this year’s Christmas has been one of the most wonderful in terms of security which has been the greatest in WES because all over the ten counties of the state, no bad incident happened and that is what every person acknowledged. It will continue like this ahead,” Elikana revealed.

He said the governor is calling for continuous unity as he reiterated his commitment to work with every community in order to bring everlasting peace in the state.

“What is important here is that Governor Futuyo called on everyone in the state to unite and work together to achieve final peace and improve security in the state and he also said the only way forward is for people in the country to embrace forgiveness and reconciliation,” Elikana stated.

He said if communities are united, there will be good security adding that security of the area lies in the hands of citizens. He urged the community to report any criminal activities within the residents to the government.

“I am calling on you the communities of Western Equatoria State to live in peace and it will only happen if we forgive and reconcile as people of one state,” Elikana concluded.

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