Governor donates ambulance to Lui hospital

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Western Equatoria State governor has donated one ambulance to Lui hospital in Mundri East County to boost referral of the patients in the area to hospital.

Earlier this week, Alfred Futuyo Karaba the Western Equatoria State governor inspected Lui Hospital, the only hospital that the three counties of greater Mundri have long depended since the creation of these counties.

Shortly after inspecting the hospital, governor Futuyo revealed that the hospital was facing numerous challenges that were explained to him by the administration of the hospital citing that he witnessed it too.

“We all understand that our hospital in the state is facing a lot of challenges but what I have seen here that need to be addressed as an urgent issue is the issue of transport “ambulance” to help the communities of the area to be transported to hospital in case of critical times,” he said.

“As I speak now, this hospital deserves another ambulance and on behalf of my government, I am giving Lui hospital one ambulance because this big hospital cannot rely on only one ambulance and what I witnessed is that people are many in the hospital and many patients are struggling to reach the hospital since their places are far so this can help such people,” governor Futuyo reiterated.

He said that his government was giving the ambulance to help the communities of greater Mundri refer the patients to Lui Hospital since it is a well-organized hospital in the area. It will help the vulnerable people access medical services easily.

Futuyo further revealed the purpose of his visit to the Eastern counties where he stated the main objective of continuing to unite the people who had been split into four states before the reversion to Western Equatoria State promising them that peace will prevail.

“What brought me here is to tell people that peace has come and that there was a separation of states so I am here to unite our people and also to say that there will be no tribalism. My leadership does not allow tribal lines,” the governor said.

Futuyo called on everyone in the state to give chance to peace in the country adding that it is only through unity, working together that the country will be able develop.

Meanwhile, Tabitha Tatuma the Lui Hospital administrator who is also the women representative of Lui Payam appreciated the governor for the donation of the ambulance to the hospital.

“What we have seen from our governor is really something great and it will always be remembered, we are happy for the donation and we hope that we will continue to work together to achieve people’s dream,” Tatuma appreciated.

For his part, Jackson Garawa, a community leader in Lui Payam congratulated the governor for donating an ambulance to Lui hospital saying it was something that many governors failed to do in the history of Western Equatoria State.

“I appreciate the idea of the ambulance because I see the challenges that we have in the hospital because when someone is sick when the old ambulance has broken down, we send only boda-bodas to bring the patientsm,” Garawa said.

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