Governor calls on Western Equatoria to embrace peace

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The newly appointed Governor of Western Equatoria State has called on the different communities to embrace peace through reconciliation and forgiveness.

Alfred Futuyo Karaba said without forgiveness and reconciliation there would be no sustainable peace in the country.

“I am calling on you the communities of Western Equatoria State to embrace peace among you and it will only happen if we reconcile and forgive ourselves as people of one state,” Governor Futuyo said on Sunday.

Futuyo was speaking during his reception as governor of Western Equatoria State under the theme “build sustainable peace through reconciliation, unity and forgiveness.”

He reiterated his commitment to work with every community in order to bring everlasting peace in the state.

“I am now your governor, my government will always stand with you as community of Western Equatoria State because me alone will not make it, but through your support we can make our dreams to become true and will only come if we are working together,” he said.

He also appealed to politicians to support the leadership of the country in the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Joseph Bangasi Bakasoro, Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development urged governor Futuyo to work for the interest of his people.

“I am advising you to work for the interest of the people, you are leader not your own interest by putting the people first you will always succeed in your work and always work with people that unite people saying the policy of divide rule should be abolished.”

He encourages the new Governor to go and unite the four defunct States to be one adding that was the first task for the governor to work.

“We must give chance for any leader who is chosen to lead us; let us give chance for peace in the country.”

Joseph Ngere Paciko, the former Governor of defunct Amadi State congratulated the newly appointed Governor for his new job but urges him to continue to work hard so that peace prevails in the country.

“We as the former Governors of defunct States of Western Equatoria will always be behind you and support you in your work, because what we want from you is peace.”   

He called on Futuyo to forget the past and open new page and reconcile and unite the people of the state.  

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