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Governor calls on NAS leadership to respect cessation of hostility

Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The governor of Central Equatoria State has urged the National Salvation Front under the leadership of General Thomas Cirilo Swaka to respect the cessation of hostility agreement.

Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony said that he accuses the NAS forces of causing unnecessary harbor and harm to the population of greater Yei.

“The holdout groups are attacking government positions and carrying ambushes on vehicles along roads, forceful recruitment of people to their movement. I call on the NAS leadership to care for the civil population and adhere to peace,”

He added that he warns the National Salvation Front from tormenting the citizens and allows them to carry out agriculture to boost the economy of the country.

“People who are known by causing unnecessary and uncalled for harm and harbor to the population of greater Yei are the national salvation front of General Thomas Cirilo who have decided to masscult our villages, forceful recruitment of people ambushing vehicles on roads and attacking government garrisons when they claim to respect the cessation of hostility really want to call upon NAS where ever they may be. If they really care about the civil population and feel that human being’s matter, really they have to respect the cessation of hostility which they claimed to have stood for wherever forces of national salvation front are, they are to respect the hostility and adhere to peace because our people need peace. We are now in the beginning of the rain season and people want to start cultivation. There I urge the civil population to be vigilant and support the efforts of the government for peace,” governor Adil advises.

 Central Equatoria State government appeals for an end to the continued suffering of the citizens citing that it is time for peace and development.

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