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Governor arrests UNMISS national staff

UNMISS national staff; Mawut Gabriel and Mangar Chol have been arrested over reports of damage and destruction caused by the military and armed youth in Cuei-Adukan and Ror-nhom villages where military vehicles were used to destroy community farms.

UNMISS field office in Rumbek confirmed the arrest of its two national staff without notification or arrest warrant.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, a closed relative of one of the arrested UNMISS national staff confirmed the arrest of Mr. Mangar Chol and Mawut Gabriel.

He said the arrest was connected to the visit of UNMISS team to Cuei-Adukan and Ror-nhom villages which were burned down by the military and the armed youth respectively.

The relative of one of the staff called on UNMISS field office and the national government in Juba to intervene by releasing the two officials.

In his official statement on Tuesday after massive looting and hundreds of cattle and goats were raided in Cuei-Adukan, the Governor, Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol ordered for the arrest and investigation of the UNMISS national staff who made the reports of massive looting and burning of villages in Ror-nhom.

“People continue thinking like Arab-Baton (black Arabs betrayers) that were in Khartoum without knowing that they are with us here working in Rumbek South Sudan and they go to sleep in their houses under our protection, said Maj. Gen. Chut.

He also said  most of our people working in UN does not know that international staff working in the UN do report to us that the national staff are the ones giving UN wrong information about what is happening in the state.

The arrest of the two officials was discussed on Friday last week during a security meeting chaired by the Governor and Brigade Commander of division six. Intra-communal violence has continued for almost 13 years without government intervention.

By Mabor Riak Magok


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