Governor appeases boda-boda riders

By Baraka John

The Governor of Western Equatoria State Alfred Futuyo Karaba has donated ten drums of petrol as compensation to the Boda boda riders in Yambioafter they staged two days strikelast week.

“When I was in Juba, I heard that boda-boda riders staged a strike, I was told you were demanding for increment on the service you offer. I am going to handle the issues of number plates; riding permits and the illegal collection of money by traffic police from motorists. I am here to donate 10 drums of petrol to you the riders to compensate the two days loss you incurred while on strike, I know the bikes you have are not yours, the owners of those bikes entrusted you to work with them to generate money for them and you as well,”Governor Karaba said.

He directed the office ofthe Mayor to allocate an office for the boda-boda riders to ease coordination of their activities.

Last week, riders stopped operation and took to the streets demanding increment oftransport fare, a move which made public transport in Yambio difficult forcing many to move on foot.

The commercial motorists accused the director of traffic police in the State for hiking the fare of number plates and ridding permits that forced them to halt operationdemandingSSP 300 as new transport fare.

Mr. Jackson Gaaniko,Acting Chairperson for boda-boda riders in Yambio County appreciated the governor for the donating the petrol.

“We the boda-boda riders in Yambio are very happy with our State governor for his love to us the poor people who struggle every day to feed ourselves and our families. This donation will help us a lot to work without buying petrol,because in the past days when we stopped workno money was coming to our pockets, but now this petrol is our capital to restart our business,”Mr. Gaaniko said.

Matoke Justin, a member of boda-boda association at Barnaman pack, highly welcomed the donation saying since they went on strike last week,he did not get money to fuel his bike.

Mr. Justin said the strike had affected his work because that is where he earns living.

 “Many thanks to our governor, this is the kind of the leader we need in the country, a leader who mindsabout his people is the right leader, no leader has done this for boda-boda in the history, now I am going to start my work,” Mr. Justin said happily.

Consequently, Governor Karaba issued a new directive reducing motorcyclesregistration fees accordingly.

“This order may be cited as state order no. 04/2021 for the new change in the rate of motorcycles registration fee structure and shall come into force upon the date of signature,” the statement read.

The new structure according to the state order seen by Juba Monitor, form 15 reduced from SSP 2000 to SSP100 police fee, number plate has been reduced from SSP 22,250 to SSP5,000, inspection fee from SSP 2,500 to SSP1000, new fee for log book is SSP 2000, fee forthird party incurrenceSSP 1,000, driving license fee from SSP 10,000 to SSP 5,000 and renewal of logbook from SSP 15,000 to SSP 9,000.

Governor Karaba, citedarticle 99 (2)1 of the transitional constitution of western Equatoria state 2011 amended 2015 as bases of his action.

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