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Governor Aguer starts investigation on Duk, Fangak traders’ killing

Jonglei State governor Philip Aguer /file photo

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon 

Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer has launched an investigation into the killing of six cattle traders along Fangak and Duk Padiet areas.

Earlier this month six traders were killed along the borders of Duk Padiet of Jonglei State and Fangak County of Fangak State by gunmen who reportedly escaped from Duk Padiet prison.

The traders from the two states often conduct cross border cattle trade as they cross the Nile on each side either to buy or sell livestock.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday Jonglei State        Minister of Information, Atong Kuol Manyang said Governor Aguer was in Duk Padiet County to investigate the recent killing of traders.

Ms. Manyang added that after the Duk Padiet visit, Governor Aguer would travel to Fangak State to meet his counterpart.

“Governor Aguer has planned to meet with the five governors of the Greater Jonglei state to discuss ways to promote peaceful coexistence amongst communities,” she said.

Ms Manyang revealed that Jonglei State has always been behind good relations in order to realize coexistence in Greater Jonglei.

Ms. Manynag reiterated that good relationship among communities of Greater Jonglei was very important for the region’s stability.

She warned that unnecessary killing was likely to create tension amongst communities that may lead to revenge killing.

“The killing of the six traders is on investigation and the culprits will be held accountable so that we stop the act of killing,” she said.

“Those who are causing insecurity are not the voice of everybody and we promise to dig them out and bring them to book,” Ms. Manyang added.

According to the information minister the relationship and unity of Greater Jonglei was crucial towards building strong and peaceful Jonglei.

Ms Manyang stated that the situation at the border areas has been stable since the traders were killed early this month.

She further said there was no insecurity and that the situation in Jonglei State was peaceful.

Earlier while addressing the press in Bor after the killing, Governor Philip Aguer confirmed that the traders were killed by the criminals who escaped from Duk Padiet County prison.

”They were some criminals who were arrested for cattle raiding and they were jailed in Duk Padiet. Unfortunately a separate group of criminals stormed the prison making the criminals to escape,” Aguer explained.

“Then the criminals later went and laid an ambush against the livestock traders and killed six of them,”Aguer added.

He directed the Commissioner of Duk Padiet County to give a full report about the killing.


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